Effective Elite Education for Adults

The moment is right: when not at work, spend time on education!

The English language is a good career investment. It’s extremely useful for successful employment. If you speak the language of potential customers you become an attractive employment candidate who is competitive on the labor market. Learning English stimulates your intelligence, opens your mind to new ideas, helps you improve problem-solving skills, memory, and self-discipline. 

Leaning a foreign language is work. Diligent work. But it makes you feel good as it helps you break down inner barriers and boost your self-esteem that comes from a achieving a goal. 

Being aware of all the advantages of the English language in every aspect of man’s activity, people all over the world learn it with great zeal and avidity. Don’t hesitate, join the majority and remember: investing in education is investing into the future. 

If you have made up your mind to finally learn English then the question “to learn or not to learn English” is no longer relevant. It is much more important to decide where you are going to do it. The best place for it is the English Language Centre of the School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU.

There are several reasons for that. Firstly, it’s much better to learn a foreign language not in a multilinguistic but in a specialized center. Secondly, it’s the place where unique specifically developed programs are used. English Language Center of School of Business and Management of Technology combines its own teaching experience with the best methodology used in the Institute of the English Language of the University of Buffalo (USA), Riga Business School (Latvia) and other educational institutions around the world.

The advantage of the program is its intensive character and a serious academic approach. Every lesson is divided into two parts: the first part of the class is devoted to grammar development while the second concentrates more on skills of listening comprehension, reading, and vocabulary enriching and writing. Both parts are based on intensive speaking practices speeding the process of learning. Modern communication methods, video- and audio materials as well as original English textbooks are used at the Centre. The English Language Centre of the School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU is the only place in Minsk that offers 180 minutes or 4(!) academic hours of instruction per lesson. Such an approach guarantees results and provides knowledge of the language.

The Centre offers 8 levels of General English (including starters) and 2 levels of Business English. The Centre also offers language preparation for the English MBA program of the School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU.

English for specific purposes is essential for those who would like to change their life dramatically and accelerate the career development (climb the career ladder). The Centre offers crash courses for specialists in the field of finance, law and logistics.

It’s doesn’t matter why you‘ve decided to learn English (to grow professionally or just to communicate). If you come to the English Language Center at the School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU you’ll be sure of your English!