Masters initiation ceremony "MBA IN STYLE ... "

On November 2, 2013 at School of Business and Management of Technology took place a ceremony of Masters initiation. This year it was held under the title "MBA in style ... ".

Ceremonial initiation night was opened by program director Irina Mamonova and director of School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU Vladimir Apanasovich.

Traditionally, the first-year Masters  presented their academic performance to the jury, proving again that they are not only able to write business plans and understand complex cases successfully, but also solve confidently creative tasks. The team stepped up to performance preparation quite extraordinary and constructive. Costumes, rooms , direction –all these have been deeply thought through and that is why it was difficult for the jury to determine the winners in six categories.

The teaching staff of the MBA program highly appreciated all the performances and awarded the following nominations:

"Best Actor" - Alexander Miheychik


"Best Actress" - Ekaterina Lysenko


"The most creative" - a group of 213


"Best Performance" and "The most talented" - group 313


"Audience Award" - group 113 and Vladimir Lucanskiy (graduate)

Initiation ceremony was held by the MBA program graduates.


In mysterious atmosphere the first-year Master students solemnly pronounced the student oath, imbued with MBA Holy Spirit and tried sacred Granite of MBA Science and beheld the Holy MBA symbol. MBA brotherhood filled up its ranks with goal-seeking , bright and cheerful Master students.

As true businessmen, Master students and graduates did not forget about social responsibility. The project «Good deed» collected this year about 9.8 million of belarusian rubles and for these funds will be bought medicines , gifts, as well as material assistance will be given to sick children from Druzhnyj village.

The evening ended with a disco where was a place to socialize for newcomers, who already entered into a large MBA family and for graduates, who with great pleasure visit initiation ceremony every year.