Geography of «Good deeds» of the MBA program

Through the campaign «Good cause» of the MBA program SBMT BSU this year were not only help low-income families the settlement «Druzhnyj,» but also children from Cancer Center.

Victoria Masiuk, manager of the MBA program said:

- Charity Event «Good cause» of the MBA program traditionally begins during the dedication ceremony for new students. In 2011, this event attracted a record amount — 8.225 million BYR. Financial aid was offered by students, teachers, graduates of the MBA program, some of them were attracted to participate in this event and the company they work. We purchased Christmas gifts, medicines for families residing in the township, «Druzhnij» and not just in it.


Irina Mamonova, Lecturer of the MBA program said:

- In carrying out humanitarian activities in the Institute, we adhere to the strategy, which was identified 10 years ago: to help those who needs help most. 

So, first of all, handed gifts to poor families with sick children in the village of «Druzhnyj.» In the year ending geography «Good Deal» increased assistance from the MBA SBMT BSU were also residents of the orphanage in the village of Butka Gomel region, nursing homes in the city Rudensk, kids-refuseniks in the wards cancer center in the village «Borovliany.»

Many thanks to all participants!