The seminar “Innovative methods and technologies in the educational process of Lille University”

In April 2018, 8 teachers of the SCHOOL OF BUSINESS OF BSU took part in an internship at the Institute of Technology of Lille University (IUT “A” Lille).

Reference: Lille University in Northern France consists of three higher education. One of them is the Institute of Technology of Lille University (IUT "A" Lille or Lille 1) - specializes in science and technology.

The internship was organized within the framework of the IESED project (INNOVATIVE ICT EDUCATION FOR SOCIAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT) of the ERASMUS + program (European Union).

A great interest in the results of the internship from colleagues allowed the participants of the internship to gather all interested teachers in the seminar. During the seminar a lot was told about the innovative methods and technologies used in the Institute of Technology of Lille University (IUT "A" Lille).

E.I. Lugovtsova, Deputy Head of the International Relations Department, spoke about the project "Innovative ICT Education for Social and Economic Development" and the organization of the educational space in the Free space format at Lille University. Then, Prokhorova T.V., associate Professor of Business Administration, introduced the ergonomics of automated workplaces of students on the example of computer classes and language laboratories at Lille University.

M.U. Lipskaya, specialist of the department of Distance Learning and IT, spoke about the experience of using MOODLE at Lille University and conducting student testing. E.I. Lugovtsova shared information on the use of electronic badges (Open Badges) in MOODLE.

Websites for access to multimedia materials, video, podcasting and web-TV are created and used to support the educational process and to promote Lille University in the Internet. E.V. Makovskaya, Head of distance education and information technology Department, introduced the examples of these resources, as well as the experience of creating multimedia materials.

Y.N. Silkovich, Head of the Technology Management Department, spoke about the capabilities of an audio-visual studio and a studio for 360º shooting at Lille University, used to produce multimedia content.

E.G. Grinevich, senior lecturer of the Technology Management Department, on the example of the educational center Lilliad introduced how the educational space can be organized.

S.V. Yaskevich, senior lecturer of the Technology Management Department, presented the experience of using the technology "Inverted class" at the School of Business and Lille University.

Many clarifying questions and discussion that were arisen during the seminar showed a genuine interest of teachers of the School to the subject of the use of innovative technologies and methods in the educational process.

For those who could not take part in the seminar we offer to get acquainted with the articles: