"Modelling of IT Specialist Profile": SBMT BSU took part in an international practical seminar in France.

The event was held from 23 to 27 October, 2017 in partner institution Lille University of Science and Technology, IUT "A".

In the framework of the project "Innovative ICT Education for Social and Economic Development" (IESED), implemented in the framework of the Erasmus + Capacity Building in Higher Education program (European Union), the head of the International Relations Department Dr. Aliaksandr Pyko and Head of the Department of Technology Management Silkovich Y. N. took part in a practical seminar.

Experts from France, Great Britain, Poland and Lithuania, as well as representatives of Belarusian institutions of higher education (BSUIR, PIMB, BSPU, VSTU) took part in this event.

Within the framework of the seminar Silkovich Y.N. and Pyko A.V. made presentations on "Implementation of Belarus Roadmap for Higher Education Reform" and "Status on the development of Study program Information Resource Management”.

Furthermore, within the framework of the seminar, in cooperation with European experts, the profile of the competencies of an IT specialist was developed in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna process and the labor market.

The meeting of project managers from partner organizations was held, Internship periods for the Institute’s lecturers at the University of Science and Technology in Lille (April 2018) and De Montfort University, Great Britain (May 2018) were specified.

Moreover, for the seminar participants the host country organized a study visit to the IT company "LeBlanlafont" and also a visit to innovative start-up platforms, where young entrepreneurs can start their business projects.