Visa and legal formalities

Legal formalities to study at School of Business of BSU

Whether you are coming for a short mobility stay, or to undertake all your studies with us,
you need to know the following immigration formalities
before embarking on your trip to Belarus.

  1. If you need an Invitation for a visa, this process includes the following steps:
  • You need to send your documents to
  • The administration of the School reviews the documents and makes a decision.
  • The School sends an invitation.
  • You receive a student visa at the Consular Office of the Republic of Belarus at the place of residence of the candidate.
  1. After arriving in the Republic of Belarus, the applicant performs the following actions:
  • You need to submit an application form and originals of your documents to the School (Minsk, Oboinaya st. 7, room 309/312).
  • To take a test for knowledge of the language.
  • To sign a contract for training.
  • After that, you need to pay tuition fee.
  • We issue an order for enrollment.
  • You are undergoing a mandatory medical examination.
  • You need to purchase medical insurance (or a notarized translation of insurance purchased in the country of permanent residence into Russian / Belarusian).
  • And the last step is registration for the period of study.


Registration. What is it?

Registration is an official record of all people living in Belarus and their corresponding addresses. Anyone who plans on living in Belarus for more than visa-period is required to register.




Required documents for the Migration Office for annual residence:

I. If you have less than 2 weeks before the end of the current registration:

  1. Form of the Migration Office (you will receive from the School)
  2. Payment (25.5 BYR)
  3. Copy of insurance
  4. Passport

II. Documents for annual residence:

  1. Application (you will receive from the School)
  2. Payment (76.5 BYR)
  3. Migration Office Paper (you will receive from the School)
  4. Copy of insurance
  5. Last registration paper
  6. Copy of visa
  7. Passport Translation
  8. Dormitory / apartment arrangement
  9. Application form (you will receive from the School)
  10. Study Agreement (with the School of Business)
  11. Extract from the order (you will receive from the School)
  12. Passport