School of Business provides dormitories for its students. Accommodation is possible in one of the listed buildings (but the specific hostel will be indicated only upon arrival in Minsk). All dormitories have new repair and good living conditions.

Students can apply for a Dormitory if they want a living-place in the new academic year. Students, who do not have special preferential conditions, are settled in accordance with the performance based on previous sessions.

Students of the first course (before the winter session) are settled in the Dormitory according to the results of entrance examinations. In the 2019-2020 academic year, all students who wanted to get a place were given a living-place in a Dorm.

The students of the School of Business live in the following dormitories:


Dormitory №1

Address: Sverdlov st., 34

tel. (017) 200 99 85,

      (017) 327 76 15

Dormitory №4

Address: M. Čiurlionis st., 7,

tel. (017) 277 07 31,

      (017) 270 39 79