Our History

School of Business and Management of Technology of Belarusian State University was established in 1996 by order of The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and by order of Belarusian State University under the name of Special Faculty for Advanced Training in Management of Technology of BSU. Vladimir Apanasovich, professor, was appointed the Dean of this faculty.

1999: Special faculty was renamed Scientific-and-Educational Institute of Belarusian State University International Graduate School of Business and Management of Technology.

2004: International Graduate School of Business was renamed State Educational Establishment «School of Business and Management of Technology of Belarusian State University».

More than 15 years in business education


The first educational project for the School was the joint Belarusian – American Program in Economics and Management of Technology (PEMT), which the SBMT hosted in co-operation with the Economics Institute, Boulder, Colorado, USA and the Belarusian State University, Minsk.

Both the content and the spirit of the program were in the best traditions in business education, established by the leading American and European Universities over decades. The United States Agency of International Development provided initial financial support for this project through the Eurasia Foundation

The project concentrated on the country’s need in highly skilled managers (including SMEs) with an international orientation towards business development in a market economy environment. It was decided to address this need by enhancing Master’s level business education and training that would develop academic staff, graduate students, young managers and other specialists capable of working in the emerging market economy in Belarus, as well as internationally.

First students were admitted to the School in September 1996.


First graduates received their degree of MSc in Management of Technology


In 1999 School of Business and Management of Technology suggested master degree program «Master of Business Administration» (МВА) In 1999 the retraining program in the speciality «Finance and Credit» was also introduced.


SBMT and International audit company «Deloitte» decided to start cooperation in education which resulted in starting the program «International Financial Accounting Standards». The program made its first enrollment in 2001.


The agreement in joint educational project on retraining program in the specialty «Information science» was concluded with the company Fillips.


It was the first time in Belarus when graduates received a state diploma for the degree of Master of Business Administration


The School obtained a licence on educational activity in the sphere of higher education, retraining and advanced training.

First enrollment of students for undergraduate program in business administration was made.

The retraining program «European Manager» started its admission campaign.


New educational retraining programs such as «Web-Design and Computer Graphics», «Smart Home» were opened.

In the framework of the program «Improving the Quality of Management» the SBMT organized advanced training of top-managers of state enterprises.


The program IFAS &DIP (program of modular training for financiers, economists and accountants) was started.

Joint Belarusian-Norwegian Master Programme in Logistics was opened in association with Molde University College (Norway).


In the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany and the Ministry of Economy of Belarus, the School of Business and Management of Technology of Belarusian State University was appointed the coordinator of the Manager Training Programme with Belarus.

Centre of Distance Education and Information Technologies was opened.


The admission campaign for students of second higher education in the specialty «Business administration» was started.

The program of retraining «Human Resource Management» was opened.


The programs «Management of Innovative Processes», «Innovative Management and Investment Management», «E-learning PRO» were opened.

Undergraduate programs «Logistics» was opened.

Career Centre was opened.


The retraining program «Logistics» was opened.

English Language Centre began its work.


School received a certificate of quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001 in the national system of certification and the German certification system TGA.

A new specialization «Information resources Management» started.


Master degree programs «Logistic Systems Management» and «Innovation Management» were launched.

SBMT BSU became a member of European Foundation for Management Development (briefly- EFMD), the first institution in the Republic of Belarus, adopted in association EFMD.


The preparation of masters on specialization «Technology of personnel management» was begun.


The preparation of specialists of a «Business Administration» program (the first stage of higher education) fully in English was started. A branch of the SBMT`s Department of Business Administration based on the Polish-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw was opened. SBMT signed an agreement on double degree programs for students of «Logistics» specialization with the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences (Finland). The School began cooperation to conduct educational programs, seminars and conferences with the Chamber of Commerce of Belarus-Italy Abruzzo region.


SBMT launched new retraining programs such as «Software Information Systems», «Applied Mathematics», «Advertising Management», «Industrial ecology and rational use of natural resources», «Environmental Management», «Management of enterprises hospitality», «Management of tourist organizations», «Economics and enterprise management hotel and restaurant industry», «Modern foreign languages.»

School was accredited by the State Committee for Science and Technology and the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus as a scientific organization.

Currently, SBMT offers training in the form of higher and second higher education, retraining and advanced training in the following areas:

  • «Business Administration» (studying in English and Russian speaking groups), «Logistics», «Information Resources Management», «MBA program», master program «Technologies of HR Management», «Logistics System Management», «Innovation Management», retraining programs «European management», «HR management», training programs «Business planning and investment projecting», «Management of purchases on a competitive basis», «foreign trade and customs regulations»
  • Finance (retraining program «Finance», a modular training program «IFRS DiP»)
  • Information Technology (Higher Education specialization «Information Resources Management», training program «Web-design and computer graphics», training programs direction «E-learning PRO»).

The School is very dynamic in its constant search for new opportunities to apply our intellectual and managerial potential. Every year brings new programs and courses, new projects, and new partners for co-operation.

Since the moment of its opening in 1996, SBMT BSU have been actively participating in the various international projects.

One of School’s special programs is its Master program providing a degree in Business Administration (MBA) has started as an international project. About 100 people graduate from this program annually. Now the program is offered in Russian and English languages.

Program «Amber Coast Logistics» (supported by Baltic Sea Region Program) was implemented in 2012-2014.

The most significant project which is now in the process of realization is «Training Program for Managers (supported by GIZ GmbH)».

International contacts are being developed (students have the opportunity to do an internship in companies in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, implementing a program of double degrees in the specialty "Logistics»).

2016 year

SBMT launched a new Master’s program «Banking Business Management».

New cooperation was initiated with the Baltic Association for Management Development in (Lithuania), the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing (Poland), the University of Economics in Wroclaw (Poland), Kostanay Engineering Economic University named after Myrzhakyp Dulatov (Kazakhstan), the Institute of Entrepreneurship in Helsinki (Finland), Guglielmo Marconi University in Rome (Italy), Uppsala University (Sweden), Business University of Monroe (Switzerland), The University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).