History of the sbmt mba program

MBA Program (Master of  Business administration), Master's degree in "Business Administration” is the oldest educational project of the School of Business and Management Technology BSU and the first classical MBA program in Belarus.

Learning process on  MBA program began in 1999, although the opening of the program was preceded by a joint Belarusian-American project "Program in Economics and Management of Technologies" (PEMT) between BSU and the Institute of Economics affiliated with University of Colorado, USA.

PEMT project started in 1995 from mutual visits of  Vladimir Apanasovich, the dean of special faculty on retraining program in management of technology affiliated with Belarusian State University (name of SBMT until 1999) ,BSU staff and representatives of the Institute of Economics of Colorado. Rrepresentatives of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus actively participated in establishing of the program. The aim of the project was the creation of Master training in the field of management.

The first students of this project enrolled  in September 1996 and in 1998 students got their Master's degree. Master program in Management of high technology  PEMT provided the opportunity  to obtain a U.S. master's degree , during the first few years the training was conducted only in English .

Training  in English preserved on  MBA program in 1999 as well. All teachers were trained in U.S. and a  number of courses were taught by professors from the U.S., Sweden and France.

In 2002  was the first enrollment for Russian-language MBA program and in 2003 Master students got their Belarusian State Master's MBA degree for the first time.

During the period from 1996 to July 2013 more than 660 graduate students got master's degrees in Business Administration, about 45% of the graduates finished  English-language program.
The successful functioning of the program and its state accreditation enabled the Institute to initiate the opening of training in "Business Administration" in the first stage format of  higher education in Belarus. The first students of specialty "Business Administration" started their studies in 2004 and in 2009 for the first time in Belarus got their specialists diplomas.