There are two faculties at the School of Business - Faculty of Business and Faculty of innovative technologies and management.

Faculty of Business

The most important functions of the Faculty of Business are the organization of scientific and methodological support of the educational process, improving the quality of training, organizing and conducting educational work among the students. In order to become a highly qualified student today, except the key development competencies of chosen profession, students should understand their place in the world, build a program of self-development, master decision-making technology and the ability to interact in a team.

The aim of the faculty is to create optimal conditions for the comprehensive development of students and undergraduates.


Minsk, Moskovskaya street, 5
Phone: +375 (17) 399 23 93
Mob.phone.: +375 (29) 611 96 00

Faculty of Innovative Technologies and Management

The main objective of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies and Management is to create and promote a high quality educational product, that will be oriented to business leaders of organizations, professionals of various sectors of country economy, aimed on continuous improvement of their competence in economics and business administration.


Minsk, Moskovskaya street, 15
Phone: +375 (17) 222 83 19